An African-American who is easily offended by racist jokes and comments.
-Hey Tyrone, wanna grab some chicken?
-Why, cause I'm black?
-Jesus, stop being such a trigger nigger.
by eighteenbird March 21, 2017
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(n.) Someone who triggers on you or the person to an extremely high extent, causing extreme anger. Usually initiated to someone of the black skin colour.
You sir, are a trigger nigger, and cannot be forgiven for your roasts regarding underage memes.
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by AhoyMaBoy December 01, 2016
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An African American Male that's ready to gun down anyone at the drop of a hat. Otherwise known as "Trigga Nigga"
"Ricky got gunned down by some sorta trigger nigger"
by RickyBooby69 October 11, 2017
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