Individual who constantly tries to achieve different tasks with little success.
Bobby tried out for every sport in high school without success, nobody can say he was a bad trier.
by Resterio July 17, 2018
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verb 1. explitive used in disgusting situations
"What the trier could give you a rash like that"
by MrTurdFergison September 3, 2005
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Where the grades are high and the kids are higher.
Dude: I saw u got an A+ on that level 4 math test.

Bro: I am so freakin baked!!!!

Dude: Typical New Trier.
by Baked_on_a_plane January 18, 2011
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A place where you won't find too many black people.
George: Hey Paul, do you ever see any black people here at New Trier?
Paul: Nope.
by jesse Lieble April 10, 2008
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New Trier is a high school located in Winnetka, Illinois. It has over 4,000 students and is exceedingly wealthy. It cannot be denied that almost all the students are very rich, but the definitions describing the Louis Vuitton dayplanners, etc., are pretty extreme. There probably is someone at New Trier with a Louis Vuitton dayplanner, but that's one person. In essence, almost everyone is rich, but most don't go so far as to use designer dayplanners.

New Trier kids usually get very good test scores, and the usual 3-level class would be pretty accelerated in most other places. The Science Olympiad team has won state for the past six years. Sometimes the real intelligence of students at the school is questioned.

There was an article in Time magazine in the '90s called "High Times At New Trier High." This accurately sums up the drug usage at New Trier. Many students at New Trier are users. Many also drink.

The sports teams are usually quite good, and therefore hard to make. This is discouraging for some, but there are alternatives, like Night League (a basketball organization of New Trier kids that plays on Wednesday nights). Also, this excellence at sports cause other schools to have a hatred for New Trier. However, this is not without cause; some students at the school display a cocky, egotistical attitude.
New Trier student : Go Trevs!
Student from other school : I hate New Trier.
by Red Arrow April 17, 2008
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Where more than half of the students smoke pot, sell pot, or grow pot.
Where the grades are high, but the kids are higher.
"What school do you go to?"
"New Trier ahahahahahaa"

"Are you high?"
by poans October 21, 2011
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Ode to New Trier -- A place full of popped collars, Juicy tube tops, and wannabe goths that hang out in the scrounge. Froshies go to a different campus, Lag/Pot makes sense to all of us, and the senior parking lot is full of BMW's and Jeeps that willingly pay $300 for a spot. Kate Spade, Seven jeans, Lacoste will be found no matter where you turn. We win everything, are smarter than you, and look better while doing it. Oh yeah, and Mean Girls was based off New Trier. BEAT THAT BITCHES!!
I love New Trier because I love being better than everyone else...while looking damn good
by Trev4Lyfe March 25, 2005
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