Trent's are the type of boys who catch your eye on the street, or put a smile on your lips. They are sooooooo sweet you feel like you have to be your best self around them, but they make that easy because it's impossible to be mad at a Trent. Although they have no self confidence, they are still your best friend and they're easy to fall in love with. If you meet a Trent you better keep him because they will fly past you, unless you make sure you keep them near. And when u keep them near u better not let them go, they will make sure you are always happy and in good care. Trent's are the best
I love Trent
by Kardashianz September 03, 2018
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An amazing human being! Can get very aggravated,if things don't go his way! Loves to make people laugh! He love's hanging out with people ALL the time! Even though he needs time to collect him self, when people don't want to hang out with him, as much. Can tend to be a bit pushy. He will give you the shirt off his back if he has to. Trent's have AMAZING eyes, and beautiful baby faces. They get zoned into things quickly. Trent's would make GREAT boyfriends, b.c they are caring and give 100% to the ones they love. If you have a Trent hold on to him b.c they tend to have a loving and successful life!
Who is that kid?
That is Trent!
Wow,Trent is FUNNY!
by lovelush June 24, 2011
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Characterized as amazing, sexy, smoldering hotness. He's fine as hell and doesn't even know it.

Everyone wants to be Trent's friend.
Female 1: Wow, check out that sexy piece of hotness over there, he looks like a Trent!

Female 2: (whistles) damn! and look at that sexy booty too! Definitely a Trent!
by libertytothenorth October 09, 2009
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The action of giving a gift known to be damaged in some way rendering it useless to the recipient. Arguably a representation of "It's the thought that counts" to its very limits.
Dude, are you seriously trenting that broken cup as a Christmas present?
by Zombleton Smith December 15, 2016
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Not very many words can accurately describe him. He's absolutely amazing and he is the only one that can make me smile when I'm upset, which happens to be a lot. Especially when I'm not with him. I can't imagine myself without him, and I don't like to think about that because it hurts me. But, he's the only one that I've given my whole heart to and the only one that I trust. He is my everything and without him, I would be like a lost little puppy. Which would be sad...and stuff.

I want to be with him forever.
Trent, you are completely perfect for me.
by BrittyThePirate December 28, 2008
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Trent thinks that he's the best, but he's the worst. He seems perfect, but stay away he's fake. He is the type of person to tell a girl "God told me that you would be my wife". He will spend years stalking you, then send you a letter to confess his love... rather than manning up and telling you in person. Also He Might be Gay... or in love with his sister, It could go either way.
Trent is Desperate for Love;)
by Amelia Dicappio August 25, 2021
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Trent is an amazing guy. he has many friends that love him and a girl who loves him more. he can make anybody laugh no matter how bad of a mood they are in. he has many admirers. i love this boy so much. i miss him. i love you babe!
trent is amazing guy; yeah i know hes my best friend; hes my love :D!! i love this guy
by tchmiel April 05, 2011
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