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Okay if you do this I guarantee that this girl will want you forever. Lick her clitoris or just grab it with 2 fingers, put two more up her cunt and find her g-spot. This is a girl's most sensitive area. Tilt it a little closer to you and press down on it. If you are licking her clit then take 2 fingers and put them up her ass woww my bf did this once omg this shouldn't be called trigasm I had a million trust me
my bf:(Presses g-spot)
by K.F. August 30, 2006
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A Tri-Gasm is actually an expert sex technique in which a female has all three of her erogenous zones stimulated at once. This is done when a female's partner inserts two fingers into her pussy and taps or rubs her G-spot. This area is a spongy mass that is inside of her and just above the opening of her pussy lips. The female's partner continues to do this as they begin to pleasure her clit with their tongue. While continuing to use the fingers to stimulate the G-spot and feasting on her clit, the female's partner uses their freehand and inserts a finger into her asshole(lubricating the finger will make it much more comfortable for the female). A female can achieve orgasm from individual stimulation to any of the three erogenous zones(G-spot, Clit, or Anal), the goal of the tri-gasm is to use the perfect rhythm to have all three of the female's erogenous zones orgasm simultaneously and provide her with a mind blowing, earth shattering orgasm.
My boyfriend spiced things up last night and did something he calls a tri-gasm, I had the most incredible orgasm of my life.
by The Cocksmith August 27, 2008
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The overwhelming sense of excitement one has after completing a challenging trigonometry problem accompanied by absolute confidence that the answer is correct.

Events prior to trigasm include various mathematical calculations and trial and error methods in an attempt to produce an answer that seems reasonable. Upon successful verification of correctness, the problem solver reaches trigasm as excitement, relief and accomplishment are experienced. Audible responses due to trigasm may or may not be present.
Jimmy had spent a good 5 minutes on a single trig problem before his mind clicked; he had forgotten that he could minus the given two angles from 180 to get the third angle. After realizing this, Jimmy had a trigasm because he knew he was able to solve the whole triangle as the problem had also given him a side measurement; indeed, he knew he would get an A.

The trigonometry class was silent as the students were taking their last test of the semester. 5 minutes were left on the clock and everyone was anxiously finishing up the last of their problems. A cute girl in the corner yelled, "Yes!!!!" in intense excitement as she had just verified the last of her answers to be correct. Clearly, she had just experienced a trigasm.

Jake: Dude, that test was so hard, wasn't it?!
Bob: Yeah, at first it was pretty difficult. Toward the end I experienced a couple of trigasms though so I think I did alright overall.
by BlackCatGRCC November 30, 2012
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The act reaching sexual climax three times in one session, without pause between orgasms.
Last night I performed oral sex on my girlfriend for 45 minutes, during which time I made her cum 3 times, without stopping to give her a rest in-between (a tri-gasm).
by Mat Grant May 29, 2005
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A method of giving a female the ultimate in orgasmic pleasure. Similar to the shocker, except with a clit-grab. Match your thumb to your pinky, and index to ring. Thumb and pinky are used to gently squeeze the clit, with index and ring going in the vagina. Middle finger goes right up the butt.
Dude, last night I hooked up with Suzy Fuxalot. I gave her the trigasm and she came for hours!
by cort3z June 19, 2003
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