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A trashy female, who sleeps with a guy to get rides, food, a place to sleep, or alcohol/vices; generally arriving or being picked up with one or more trashbags full all of of her clothing and other random found items. ; one who barters sexual favors for rides or alcohol/vices.
Can someone please tell Eric to quit bringing trashbags home! Ugh. I hope she finds a ride to the casino soon so we can lock her out.
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by JustAllie November 22, 2018
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Trash bag is an Australian invented word, but a global concept. A
Trash bag is one who engages in excessive behaviour while partying, and
generally makes a disgrace of themselves - in a good way.

True trash bagging doesn't involve just alcohol. It is a way of life. On
a night out, a Trash bag should participate in at least 5 of the

*Drinking at least a bottle of wine or cheap champagne BEFORE leaving
the house

*Drinking more than 10 jagerbombs

*Eating in at least three of the major fast food outlets in the course
of one evening

*Starting up deep conversations with randoms while waiting in the
toilet queue.

*Dancing on any available table, not discriminating against pool tables
of course.

*Requesting so many songs that the music is like your own play list, and
the dj hates you.

*Screaming I LOVE THIS SONG for every song.

*Having the bouncers, bar staff and dj all know you at your local

*Putting your bags on the floor and dancing around them so you have
more movement.

*Inventing new dance moves, such as the moose, the elephant

*Bringing out old dance moves such as the monkey, the nut bush or the

*Clearing the dance floor and getting strange looks from everyone that's
not you

*Taking a hip flask of vodka in your handbag or jacket

*Writing things on yourself and everyone around you

*Telling random people that they're hot. And more importantly, that you

*Drinking Smirnoff blacks because they have 1.9 standard drinks, or
Coopers Sparkling, cause it is 5.9% alcohol.

*Taking at least 60 photos of yourself

*Taking photos of yourself and your friends on the toilet.

*Sucking face with a random on the dance floor. And then another. And
another. And, well, you get the picture...

*Starting drinking at 3pm

*Continuing till the next afternoon

*Wearing a skirt so short you need to wear shorts (or special undies)

*Staying somewhere till you get kicked out, then catching a cab to
somewhere else that's 5mins down the road.

*Walking out of a club and the sun is up, the birds are chirping, and
noticing that the person you've been suck facing is not as attractive as
you thought.

*Being that person on their way home as people are jogging, and going
to work/school.

*Doing the walk of shame, either home or out of the club, with shoes in

*Choosing a corner to dance in so you can dance like mo fos in your own

*Crying/stacking it/booting/all three

*Sustaining an unidentified party injury

*Making emotional phone calls to friends you haven't spoken to in a
while. Or worse, family.

*Getting into serious conversations with cab drivers that end with you
mocking and insulting them.

*Pre drinks before going out is not an idea, it is a necessity
'did you see that trashbag tap skulling goon in the toilets?'
by Skink-E June 26, 2007
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The girl who attempts to present herself as the "best" in every situation regardless of the circumstances. Furthermore, she does so in more than a flirty, but a down right slutty way. When this fails, she falls back on getting obliterated and sleeps with a random male.
"Did you see the way Janice showed up tonight?"

"Ya, now she's leaving with Zac."

"What A Trash Bag!"
by jjp5037 February 03, 2010
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Generally is used in a derogatory manner to describe a situation or a person's attitude.
That's pretty trashbag.
Why would you hang out with them if they're so trashbag?
by Dan000417 April 26, 2008
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Trash Bag is a term used for people who act like Trash Bags, traits of a real closet trash bag include:

• Stealing alcohol such as goon or anything equally as fancy to drink with women.

•Stealing glasses from near by restaurants to drink said stolen goon in.

•Getting drunk and skinny dipping at nearby beaches.

•Attempting to drive once said goon is gone.
"Josh acted like a trash bag when skinny dipped at the beach after drinking stolen goon from stolen glasses and then drove home."

"Josh enjoys trash bagging around"
by Angel52 May 24, 2015
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A Trashbag is an individual who drinks too much alcohol which results in them doing many things they regret. Often trashbags are also sluts, this is because they get so drunk that they do not know what they are doing. Often you will find trashbags vomiting or performing sexual acts in the bathroom. You know your friend is a trashbag when the next day they blame their actions on the alcohol, drugs, you, someone else, or if people are pretending not to be their friend. A trashbag will forever remain the butt of all jokes.
X: "OMG Aoife is so drunk, she hooked up with Lukes younger brother and then she got his digits."

Y: "OMG Aoife is such a trashbag, Lukes younger brother isn't even legal... she has like no dignity and no self respect... she is not my friend!"

X: "I know righttttt? She is verging on becoming a prostitute"

Y: "End of friendship"
by TB777 February 07, 2011
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