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A boxer from Miami that traps his prey in the ring πŸ₯Šthen go for the kill 🦍🦍🦍
Damn I wouldn’t want to get in the ring with Trapp, last guy he fought woke up crippled.
by Lifeinthegutter June 09, 2018
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It is not just a name. This name is one that represents me. When you get older and have a professional job your first name gets tossed out. This name is strong and will make you proud. It came from the poor and now it is a rich name. We used to be called "Trappers". A German asked if I was from there country. "Von Trapp Family" I thought to myself I might be but who truly knows where this name came from. Trapp's aren't poor anymore and usually have money. Trapp's are climbing the status ladder everyday and will succeed with what we do. We have shortcomings but unless you truly know us it will be a mystery. You might think you have us figured out but you never will. Trapp's can play and change roles. Trapp's get derived from boyish names. We weren't big in youth but climb high as adults. Be aware a Trapp might no more than you and not show it. Trapp's were once poor so they know how to grease the wheels. We are very aggressive with social responses but sound calm to manipulate you. Trapp's can trick anyone. Trapp's can hang out with any social status. This gives them the advantage. We are climbing to the top so watch out. Final note: With in the family of Trapp's. One might know very little within the immediate family of what another Trapp is doing. This makes it difficult to understand the true motive of a Trapp at a given time.
Person 1: Mr. Trapp owns a business now.
Person2: Really he used to smoke weed with me and I thought he would never amount to anything.

Person1: I think that Trapp robbed my house.
Investigator: He checks out it couldn't of been him.
Person1: Man BS*** that guy robbed me.
Investigator: Why would he rob you he is a Boyscout.
Person1: Oh yeah a Boyscout would never do that.

Person1: That Trapp told me he was arrested.
Person2: He comes up clean though.
Person1: I guess he had a good lawyer.
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