A female with multiple children by hood niggas. She never leaves the good because that's all she knows. She's usually on Instagram getting 100 likes while having the projects in the background. She's also known to get knocked up to keep a guy from leaving her.
by Qchappellshow March 31, 2015
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A hoe that doesn't do anything but smoke weed and suck dick.
Michael- where's my trap queen
Darius- she's sucking someone right now , she ain't to trap queen anymore.
by Brinaenae914 March 23, 2015
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A trap queen is a loyal down ass female. She cooks and helps sling drugs with her boyfriend or pimp or whatever.
She's my trap queen I introduced her to my stove
by darlingrainbowsaur April 28, 2015
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She is the hoe who fucks the whole crew.

She cooks the crack and cocaines.
I'm bout to fuck with the trap queen I'm bored
by Aleah Fenner April 30, 2015
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a "loyal" girl who loves all haters and she call them fans too keep "dope" in handy "independent" don't need nothing from no one keep it real with any "chick" that need to know whats good loyal to only the people she loves including her "hatters"
she handle her business she a trap queen
by yass_girl_yass April 07, 2015
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