(ElectronicDanceMusic) Bass music that shares similarities with dub-step. although they shares drum arrangements it is often accompanied with the (hey) associated with some southern rap. the builds and drops of the bass are more subtle in trap music than dub-step.
"Hey have u heard that Styles&Complete version of "bulls on parade"? is that dub-step"? -DJ Uneducated

"Yeah, like a billion times...you hear the "hey" in there that sounds like a Lil' Jon song" - DJ Educated

"Yeah"- DJ Uneducated

"That makes it "Trap Music"" - DJ Educated
by EDRADD July 13, 2012
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Rhythmically torturous music. It’s defined by its monotonous unimaginative cadence and performed by lost children with no hope or direction.
Billy: “ Hey Jen, what’s wrong?”

Jen:”I was stuck at a light today and some Generation Y kids had trap music on. I can’t take it Billy!! I moving to an island forgotten.” ( tears rolling down her poor face)
by Save Humanity May 13, 2018
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Its a type of TERRIBLE Rap, hence Trap music. It is void of any rhyming talent or actual musical ability.
You want to hear something that sounds worse than Country music? Here listen to Trap Music "artist" Migos.
by Luggage74 May 09, 2018
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Trap is a style of popular music that FUCKING SUCKS and is TERRIBLE. All trap "music" is just the same five TR-808 patterns with some SoundCloud rapper singing the most edgy shit he can come up with.
hey cuz come listen to my new trap music
by theemacsshibe August 28, 2018
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Music that Lil Pump Invented. Although other older rappers may have possibly said it before, or have had album titles similar to this, Lil Pump was not at an age to have ever seen these albums, and doesn't care to do any research on the Rap History. So in theory, he invented it himself, because he lives in a creative bubble, and that's how that works. Screw what the rest of the world thinks, or believes. This is the new generation. LOL.
TI may have invented Trap Muzic, based off of his album from 2003, but I invented "Trap Music", because mine is spelled with an "s", instead of a "z".
by Lil Pump-Fake June 01, 2018
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Similar to "trap houses" in the underworld drug trade, "trap music" is a style of Hip-Hop originally created by decent individuals as a means incorporating "traps" for dangerous individuals to fall into in reality; meant as a means of finding out and knowing who's who in society.
Fake? Trap music? Don't hate, that's useless!! Hip-Hop: shit's hot. Don't make excuses...
by MIXsyndicate June 10, 2011
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