Someone said "crap music" but a music vampire misheard it as Trap music and the shitty combination of rap dub and dubstep was born into a the magnificently terrible new music genre mainstream era have come to love for retarded lyrics and meaningless creation.
That is some amazing Trap Music
by shagg10 June 16, 2017
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Its a type of TERRIBLE Rap, hence Trap music. It is void of any rhyming talent or actual musical ability.
You want to hear something that sounds worse than Country music? Here listen to Trap Music "artist" Migos.
by Luggage74 March 04, 2018
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TRAP MUSIC = rap/hiphop + dubstep + Techno/Dance + Hella Base + "Damn son where'd you find this". Supporters enjoy this new genre, especially those who enjoy all the music genres included into TRAP. Listening to TRAP may blow your mind and be associated with having a good ass high/fade/day/night. Its up and coming and has been rapidly gaining fans the past few years.
Guy #1: Hey! You heard of TRAP MUSIC? Check out this mix I downloaded from YouTube. It's fuckin dope!
Background Music: "RUN DA TRAP"
Friend #1: This shit fucked up my speakers!! I still think its sick doe.
Friend #2: This is gay, I don't like rap.
Friend #3: I don't like techno.
Friend #4: TURN THIS SHIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!
by Delta 5 jack whale April 25, 2013
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the crap white boys listen to while hittin their juul in the school bathroom
hey have you heard gucci gang?? lil pump basically invented trap music!! yo bro iโ€™m hip##
by supernova13 August 02, 2018
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(ElectronicDanceMusic) Bass music that shares similarities with dub-step. although they shares drum arrangements it is often accompanied with the (hey) associated with some southern rap. the builds and drops of the bass are more subtle in trap music than dub-step.
"Hey have u heard that Styles&Complete version of "bulls on parade"? is that dub-step"? -DJ Uneducated

"Yeah, like a billion times...you hear the "hey" in there that sounds like a Lil' Jon song" - DJ Educated

"Yeah"- DJ Uneducated

"That makes it "Trap Music"" - DJ Educated
by EDRADD July 13, 2012
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Trance + Rap = Trap

And just like that, we've all been mind fucked~
RL GRIME ~ Mercy
That's all you need to know about Trap Music.
by youdontknowm3 April 28, 2013
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