Similar to "trap houses" in the underworld drug trade, "trap music" is a style of Hip-Hop originally created by decent individuals as a means incorporating "traps" for dangerous individuals to fall into in reality; meant as a means of finding out and knowing who's who in society.
Fake? Trap music? Don't hate, that's useless!! Hip-Hop: shit's hot. Don't make excuses...
by MIXsyndicate June 10, 2011
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First originated from rap beats in the late 90s. In 2011-2012, Trap has been modified with 808's and sequential instrumental beats. Gaining popularity from artists like HUβ‚΅β‚΅I, Tropkillaz, Baauer, TNGHT, and many others, Trap has been adopted by many artists, big and small, and is still gaining popularity to this day. Today, Trap takes many different varieties, being mashed together with dubstep (sometimes termed Hybrid Trap), Electronic, Moombahton, Jersey Club, Future Bass, etc. Trap Music can be experimented with in many different ways (called Experimental Trap), leading to distinctive drops and beat structures in many Trap songs.
Jake: "Yo, what kind of music do you listen to?"
Kyle: "Trap Music. SoundCloud's got all the underground bangers."
by _Danly_ January 25, 2018
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Music northerners( Philly, NY) play to attract southern women to their hotel room/bedroom...Country tunes, southern (gold teef) rappers...ect...
"She'll be commin' round da mountin' when she comes..."

is the #1 Trap Music anthem...
by KODIACK November 15, 2009
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Music that Lil Pump Invented. Although other older rappers may have possibly said it before, or have had album titles similar to this, Lil Pump was not at an age to have ever seen these albums, and doesn't care to do any research on the Rap History. So in theory, he invented it himself, because he lives in a creative bubble, and that's how that works. Screw what the rest of the world thinks, or believes. This is the new generation. LOL.
TI may have invented Trap Muzic, based off of his album from 2003, but I invented "Trap Music", because mine is spelled with an "s", instead of a "z".
by Lil Pump-Fake May 01, 2018
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Trap: A sub-genre of hip hop that originated in the southern states of America around the late 90’s and early 2000’s with the most notable characteristic of having lyrical content that depicts the sale and use of drugs. Trap music has had a major sound change in the years 2013-2016 by incorporating spacey/psychedelic melodies, distorted 808 basses, high tempo repetitive high hat patterns and the lyrical content focusing more on drug use rather than drug sales.
Alex: Aye have you heard three six mafia is suing $uicideboy$

Wayde: yeah bro that’s fucked up but I still fuck with them cuz they one of the ogs of trap music
by Mrs Merry Jane October 13, 2020
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Higher tempo music, with repeitive beats. Typically Percussion instruments of the Membranophone family accompanied by electronic beats. Intermitten vocals are common, and sometimes repeated in the same manner that the beats are repeated.
That Trap Music was hot tonight
by JUrbanDude May 01, 2019
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