Three six mafia, true SPV's (south parkway veterans). Band members have switched around, but the core (Juicy J, Project Pat, DJ Paul, and Lord Infamous, all blood-related brothers) have remained intact. One should note the significant unmentioned large number of affliated people to Three Six. All hardcore to the bone, all came out of the true south memphis ghetto, all were raised around constant issues like drugs, genuine prostitution, and most agreeably, violence. They came up from absolute street credibility, and were unmatched with making deals, running hoes, and most undoubtingly gang supremecy. A direct link to their constant hardcore albums, and most importantly why they are so sucessful and respected. At best, close to no one, can not only survive the horror witnessed in their lives, but capture it and present it so truthfully in music. They have truly kept this 'realism' in all of their albums, and therefore cannot be dismissed as just another 'rap' click. The have over 18 albums of crunk, bump as hell albums. They are more than ill, they are trully a diety of their time, never to be replaced.
Three Six Mafia with Fiend:

Bitch,you can picture the pain, I rip you in vain
While the young soldiers 'whisper' my name I'm dealing the caine..
-Touched Wit It
by Markos March 20, 2006
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Rap group orginating from part of hypnotize minds...use to have six members in chat,gangsta boo,lord infamous, juciy j.project pat,and crunchy black. Do not worship the devil juss ever since they became mainstream ppl started hating no one gave a shit untill they became mainstream. have good beats..and good flows.old shit is ten times better then there new stuff as they started going mainstream.but if u want good flows good lyrics and good beats to get fucked up to..triple six all the way
no need to leave examples of three six mafia..juss download da first date late night tip and redrum
by lilwyte420 November 24, 2006
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Three six part of the hypnotize minds crew along with lil wyte. The three six meaning 666 mafia. They worship the devil, but have ill bass thumping beats. Three six tend to create raps that make you want to bob your head to the beat and go out and kill a ma'fugga; or pop a cap in a ho.
Kid: ayyo man whos dis'
Other kid: what nigga?! this is three six, *pulls out gat* you gon PAY! *POP* nigguh WHAT.
Kid: *gurgle*
by corr January 10, 2005
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Originally a hip-hop/rap group, but now can be used in slang to refer to any group of scary-ass gangsta-looking black people.

Usage Warning:
Use when not in the presence of black people.
Boy: Oh shit, a three six mafia just walked in the club.

Boy's friend: Let's bounce. I wanna hit the bar next-door anyway, there are no hot girls.
by E. C. P. O. April 2, 2006
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Fans of NBA player Lebron James. The 3-6 refers to his subpar record in the NBA finals
John: Lebron is the GOAT. Michael Jordan played against mailmen and part time CPAs while Lebron beat the 73 win warriors

Anyone else: goddamn the three six mafia is at it again proclaiming Lebron the GOAT when he clearly doesn’t have the credentials. Are you forgetting how Lebron was locked down by 40 year old Jason Kidd or how Ray Allen and Kyrie had to save his ass?
by DelontewiththegoodD December 31, 2019
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A very popular rap group from Memphis, TN. That I am a big fan of.

A lot of ppl think they worship the devil. But the ones who say that are ignorant and are dick riders because they heard that from someone else. Before you speculate about them worshiping the devil, think about a few things..
1. They wouldn't have won an 'Oscar'
2. They wouldn't be so famous
3. They wouldn't wear so much 'bling bling'
4. They wouldn't be signed to a MAJOR record label
5. They wouldn't be on every music channel
And on in the cd's booklet, when each of them give their thanks, they each start out by saying..."I want to start out by thanking god...."
Kanye West,I heard, produced Three six mafia's hit,'stay fly'. Kanye is very religous, and on the remix the sample is clearly a soul sample...
by Truth904 May 8, 2006
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