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A sub genre of music, originating from South America at around 2000, with influences from hip hop, dupstep, rap and trance music. It was named so because it was developed by rappers gathered in traps to express their problems.This music features the sound of the brass, triangle, triplet hi hats, loud kicks, snappy snares and low end 808 bass samples (mostly produced by Roland TR-808 Drum Machine) and it gives the feeling of a dark, grim and leaking background to the listener. Until 2012, this genre was exclusively based on rap and hip hop , then lots of electronic music producers, influenced by the increased EDM pupularity, added trap music in the EDM family.
There's some confusion when it comes to describing the word trap, because nowadays it is used by both rappers for their hip hop tracks and by electronic producers for their dance beats, so it describes two diffirent sub-categories of the same style .
Currently, these are the most famous categories of this style:
Hardcore Trap (heavy-bass and uneasy beats)
EDM Trap (influenced by dubstep, dirty, hot dance tracks with naughty, tough drops commonly known as "party shit"
Hip Hop Trap (Non-EDM based music, with vocals the basic element, unlike other styles, the closest thing to original)
Chill Trap(Chilly, relaxed and 'beautiful tracks, great for falling asleep, the exact opposite of the First two)
Future Trap (Music that refers to the past, illustrates the future and expresses the present)
Due to the domination of electronic music, trap has gone EDM.
Trap music is my favourite genre.
by DraggyFurynado April 26, 2015

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1. The main reason many kids and teens 9-18 years old from all over the World neglect homework and complain they don't have time to study.
2. A means used by slut asshole bitchesof both gender to camouflage the unimportance of their shitty, worthless existance and make others feel worthless and unimportant instead.
Consecuences of Facebook include, but are not limited to:
Terrible eye and neck pain
Light form of depression because of uploaded content
Serious addiction
Lack of motivation of doing homework which can lead in ruining your future life
Low grades and fights with parents because of them
Leak of photos and private moments caused by will
Loss of Real, face-to-face Communication
Of, course, Facebook could have been something totally positive. If used with measure. And if we knew what measure actually is.
Me:Most of my classmates have low grades because they use Facebook all day and night.
Stupid ass bitch: I'm going to upload a photo having a great time with my current boyfriend (who will be replaced with another one soon and who I'm using for my sole profit), so that those losers will be FREAKIN JEALOUS.
by DraggyFurynado April 29, 2015

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