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A Transtrender person is simply a person who identifies as transgender as a trend, often than not they will not actually understand what it means to be transgender. This term is not to be mistaken for a person who is gender non-comforming as it is demeaning when used in that way.
Person A: I took a personality quiz and it said i'm transgender, so i am now using that label.

Person B: Jessica please reserch what being trans is before someone calls you a transtrender, you twat.
by TropicalDeer May 17, 2020
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A term that is used to discredit the identities of those who do not fit into the very narrow definition of transgender that many people uphold. Usually used to exclude genderqueer and non-binary individuals from the larger trans community.
"You may wear dresses, but you don't take hormones. You're just a transtrender!"
"That's BS."
by Psych All Day June 1, 2017
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A term used against trans people by people who think they know everything about gender ever, including someone elses gender identity, because apparently gender is just a neat little box.
Person 1: "Max is such a transtrender because he doesn't want to go on hormones and identifies as some "demiboy" bs"
Person 2: "You do realize gender is a spectrum and just because you don't experience a gender doesn't mean it doesn't exist"
by FurbyKo June 27, 2021
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a person who often claims it isnt nessecary to pass or have gender dyshoria to be trans, they will typically try to look like a very feminine trans man or a very masculine trans women
Did you see that kid? Supposedly they’re trans but im pretty sure they’re just a transtrender!
by buppo2 January 18, 2019
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1. A slur used by transmedicalists to call any non-dysphoric transgender person, that implies that they aren’t REAL trans people and are just identifying as trans to be “cute” or “trendy.”

Of course, non-dysphoric trans are just as legitimate as dysphoric trans people, and dysphoric trans aren’t actually “cis people pretending to be trans for attention.” Which is why this term is only a slur and not a legitimate label.

2. This term is also sometimes used for any transgender who’s gender identity falls outside of the gender binary. Some truescum, believe there are only two genders, so any transgender who identifies as any gender besides “man” and “woman” is a fake trans person.

This of course is not true either since non-binary trans identities are just as valid as binary trans identities. Which is why this term is only a slur.

See also transcute and tucute
Trans guy: “Hi, I’m James and I’m a trans guy. I don’t really have any physical dysphoria, so I don’t want to surgically transition, but I do plan on socially and legally transitioning and even take some hormones.”

Truescum: “You’re a transtrender! All trans people MUST hate their bodies and want to completely alter it, otherwise they’re not a REAL trans person!”

Trans guy: “Don’t be a truescum, medicalizing trans experiences is harmful to the trans community and implies that transness is literally only a mental disorder with no basis in biology or neurological science, so just stop.”
by SparklyNinja January 13, 2019
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Does not exist. Made up by transphobic people to invalidate all trans people by insisting trans people's gender identities aren't consistent and or they're doing it because being trans is "cool" (Because being murdered is so cool)
Transphobe: Stacey is such a transtrender, she's only doing it to be cool.

Normal person: That's not a real thing. No one risks losing job, family, friends, and their own life just to be "cool".
by Jackyjill March 8, 2019
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A derogatory word used against some trans people because the person using said word doesn't accept the trans person's identity (because, of course, they know ALL ABOUT someone else's gender identity). Used out of a failure to understand that gender is a social construct, and you can identify as any gender.
Also used against fake troll blogs on tumblr (that identify as fairies, moons, trees, etc.) by people who are so busy trying to make a point to trans people that they don't get realise they're being trolled.
Urgh, those stupid transtrenders are only pretending to be trans! I don't know them at all, but I know that they aren't really trans!
by Or Not March 29, 2015
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