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A fetish concerning the changing of a being (human or otherwise) into something different, such as an animal or a car. People with this fetish get turned on by pornography revolving around said behaviours.
Bob: I found FurAffinity in your browser history, Jim. I never knew you were into transformation porn...
Jim: For pete's sake, stop looking! You'll get traumatized by the NSFW stuff!
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by E hates Q July 27, 2019
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The transformation is the process from going from sober to drunk super fast. What truly defines the transformation is the process.

1.) announce to everyone you are about to transform and will be different soon.
2.) grab a 4 loko (4loko is imperative)
3.) Go to bathroom a sober being
4.) take a hot shower and begin sipping the loko. (Music blasting helps)
5.) only leave the shower once the 4loko is complete
6.) dress, and leave the bathroom something else entirely.
7.) transformation complete
Bro 1: dog, I hate being a human atm, I need to transform

Bro 2: aye, I just stocked the fridge with loko gold.

Bro 1: BET! I’m going to transform. You won’t see me till the transformation is complete!

Bro2: gnarly. Don’t smash the tv this time!
by FoJmeRaw March 25, 2020
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