The silliest word i have ever had to research.

Effectivley... it is a philosophy instead of a religion and relies on intuition and feeling instead of literature and teachings, there is no god, no guidance, just people doing what they think is right...
i dnt have an example...for transcendentalism...
by klfnvknf September 12, 2006
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The philosophical idea that there is no sin or morality, but one big soul that we all belong to. Read "The Grapes Of Wrath" for details.
Adam saved me transcendental oversoul, thanks Adam!
by Patrick D November 20, 2002
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Immanuel Kant's epistemological philosophical system which holds that space and time are not properties of independent real things in themselves, but are rather a priori intuitions possessed by our minds, and everything we perceive is subject to this space and time intuition. However, as opposed to George Berkeley's subjective idealism which holds that nothing exists outside the mind, Kant's transcendental idealism accepts the existence of external objects independent of our mind but distinguishes between noumena (things-in-themselves as they actually are) and phenomena (things as we perceive them), we can only Intuit the phenomena (or the appearance of the object) from the noumena (which we can never directly perceive). Thus Kant acknowledges that while we can never know the noumena, the phenomena sufficiently conform to our concepts of them and that in order to make sense of the empirical world, we must presuppose transcendentally a consciousness that unites intuitions under concepts.
Transcendental Idealism has had important influence on the development of philosophy in general and German Idealism in particular
by Stalin's Pipe August 8, 2021
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The belief that pancakes, and the pursuit therein, transcend all.
Man, recently I've been supper depressed. I've turned to Transcendental Pancakeism, and now my life has meaning.
by Argyle Potato May 14, 2014
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-the ability to alter your feelings or vibrations as well as someone elses from the mere fact of a transcendental viewpoint.
-happiness not depended on opposing forces or forms.
Hehad gained transcendental happiness.
by Brewster9 October 27, 2017
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A funny moment that you share with a friend even though that friend is no where in the vicinity, nor a witness to the object of comedy. You just know they would laugh.
Erick experienced a transcendental comedic event when stumbling upon the midget goat rape at the world's fair. Erick's wife just rolled her eyes, but that's ok, because he knew his friend Josh would find it hilarious.
by Cougar Opaque February 7, 2011
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AKA CUNTS, the secret women's -- er, womyn's -- organization for which all feminist organizations are either pawns or fronts. Their only serious adversary is the patriarchal Faithful Union of Christian Knighthood (FUCK), with whom they have struggled since time immemorial.
"Your sister is a cunt, dude."

"Shut up! That's CUNTS, the Circle of the Universally Nurturing Transcendental Sisterhood. And if she finds out you know she's a member, she'll kill you!"

by Gahmuret July 5, 2006
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