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This term was coined by James LaFerla in his best-selling book “Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation: The Next Step in the Evolution of Human Consciousness” (2018). He describes a Transcend as someone has completed their work as a Sentinel and become completely self-aware by utilizing the principles of Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation. They no longer suffer all of the unhappiness brought on by their lack of awareness of unconscious feel-think, but instead are actually capable of rational thought, that is think-feel. This has allowed them to become the architect of their own personality, and to free themselves from any dysfunctional conditioning (they never asked for, or agreed to) that they may have developed in their youth.

They have become free of all that normally drives us without our knowing it toward unhappiness and illness. The clarity which results from the lack of inner conflict allows their mind to work with far greater agility and precision. A Trancend becomes able to tap into their true potential, well above what they experienced previously. A potential which is innate is all of us, but which is severely reduced by so many learned limitations resulting from the dysfunctional conditioning received in our youth. This greater potential has always been suspected and sought after, but never before has there been a systematic approach to actually achieve it.
His goal was to utilize the techniques provided by Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation to become a Transcend.
His goal was to utilize the techniques provided by Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation to become a transcend.
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1)Exeed: To be greater than standard, unity, truth, and goodness.

2)Be greater in scope: rise above, go beyond ordinary limits; A reeling experience

3)Overcome restriction/ "self-transcendence": Rock out your own way, be creative;a non-material self-consciousness that is outside of the world.

going beyond a prior form or state of oneself.
1)The Doors were able to "Transcend" their audience, to an emotional orgasm through the medium of words and music.

2)Riding the waves of uncompromising, primal, !poetic energy that *The Doors, *Led Zeppelin, *Pink Floyd "transcended"...

3)*The mentioned artists above > These talented musicians "self- transcended" by rocking their own poetic energy, and creativity through their music.

They didn't conform to society, they were liberating; and went beyond the normal state of consciousness expressed through their art.
by PoeticPoetry May 04, 2009
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