Something that is a cross between a trauma and a dramatic occurance, a drama.
They had a huge bust up, a real Trama!
by Bardot55 October 26, 2011
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Manufactured outrage or “drama” on Twitter that can cause emotional and psychological distress.
"Did you see that flame war on Twitter yesterday? What a bunch of trama queens."
by vjman21 December 10, 2013
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He was as happy as a tramae in a strawberry garden on Valentine's day.
by Carolekateisgr8 January 7, 2017
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When Lauren gives you PTSD for just being in her class
Child 1 : great I’ve got science with Lauren

Child 2: she gave my Lauren trama
by Insidejoker007 March 12, 2022
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when a baby daddy wants to be involed with his kid, or kids and the baby mama wants nothing to do the baby daddy and does stuff that makes the baby daddys life a living hell...
for example of Baby Daddy Trama is after Tom got Kattie preganant, Kattie invited tommy over one night and as soon as tom got to the house she had him arrested for breaking into her house...
by big J in Houma July 5, 2010
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When you go through something beyond crazy
Jake: Jawuan bro you good?
Jawaun: Hell naw,, I just went though a nigga trama
by adorett February 17, 2019
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