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When The Cherokee Indians of 1838 and 1839 were forced to leave their home of present-day Oklahoma, many dying in the process.
by Jon December 29, 2004
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the hallway that runs between the locker room and shower room at penn state where jerry sandusky did the dirty hence the hall way would be the trail of tears.
friend 1: i took a tour of penn state this weekend
friend 2: did you see the infamous trail of tears?
friend 1: yeah and the shower room
by Mehale November 28, 2011
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lower back hair that leads directly to the asshole; the opposite of happy trail
I helped my friend Rafe shave his shoulder pads, but I'm not going anywhere near his Trail of Tears!
by ajkh1 June 25, 2011
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The small strip of hair leading down a girls back to her ass crack. Not a desirable trait in females. Typically found on Italian and Mediterranean women.
Oh shit man, it was all over when I saw her Trail of Tears. She has more hair on her crack than me.
by daveOMG!!1! November 11, 2005
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The little droplets of cum that drip out of a woman's vagina onto the floor as she makes the journey to the bathroom to clean herself off after intercourse.
Helen left a huge trail of tears after having to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom.
by Partsguru13 June 03, 2017
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When you make out with a girl who has recently had her period and is currently using a tampon or pad, and proceed to put your hand down her pants and pull out the pad or tampon and smack her in the face by suprise multiple times. She will then look like a native american who just left a long destructive battle.
"Yo dude I heard you gave that chick a trail of tears last night!"
"Yeah man she got owned!"
by JT fountain drinks July 06, 2006
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