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An abbreviation of the word 'tragic'. Pronounced "traj". Is used to describe an event or person that is particularly cringe-worthy or sad. Can have suffixes such as: 'as hell', 'as fuck', etc.
Jon: Look at that woman breastfeeding her 10 year old son

Anton: That's trag.

Jon: Trag as fuck.
by MilkTheDuck June 08, 2014
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Abbreviated form of the word cunT RAG.
It can be used in a friendly and humorous way:

"Hey! WHat's up trag?!"

or in a more aggressive fashion:

"If that TRAG bumps into me one more time I'm going take out my rusty box cutter!"
by Carbep September 13, 2006
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(please disregard definitions #2 and #3, as they are inaccurate and fucking stupid--thank you.) TRAG, see also: verb As the term "trag" is an abbreviated form of the word "cuntrag", it can also be used to imply a sense of cuntraggery regarding a person's action.
to "trag out": Mary and I were supposed to read her chart together at Desiree's apartment that night. She threw up though, and passed out--she totally tragged out on me. also: Angela was supposed to be at Peter's by 1am, but, she's totally traggin' ass. Whatever!
by Anjalahh September 14, 2006
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Trags is a foreign person's way of saying "drugs". It is basically how drugs is said with an accent by most middle easterners as well as south asian and some europeans.
"Nisar you smoke trags with your phrans?! Motheryucker don'tttttttt Is bad!"
by chatri September 11, 2018
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Insult; relating to dress sense and general poor appearance. Derived from 'Trevathyn', the name of an unfortunate family living in Hokitika, New Zealand, during the 1980s. They wore unfashionable, mis-matched clothes, had poor hygiene and many members suffered from intellectual disabilities.
"Go and put some clean clothes on, you look like a trag".
by MissT December 27, 2006
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shortened form of Tragedy.
Feeling sorry for in a verb form.
Aw you're such a trag!

You see that old man walking up the street, yeah, he's a biggggg trag.

AW my mom just smiled, she's a trag.

Jasmine:Yay, i love the color green!
Taylor:OHMYgoD. You're a big trag right now.
by Ssehc Yhtomit July 22, 2009
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