A single White woman who claims to support traditional values in order to gain money and orbiters. Generally they will give arguments on social media about traditional femininity and marriage, but then not follow through with settling down and having kids.
Lauren Southern might be a tradthot, but she's OUR tradthot
by karlhanke November 30, 2017
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A useless alt right whore who goes around telling other women to marry and have kids but don't do that themselves. They often hate other women because we don't buy into their bullshit. They will wear lowcut tops and layers of makeup to get stupid and confused men to give them money. These men are to dumb to see the hypocrisy of these women. They will preach about tradition and modesty but they will shove their tits and camel toe into the camera for those beta bucks. Clueless simps will defend them when women like me speak the truth because they are to stupid and brainwashed.

Examples of tradthots are Ashton birdie,Lauren southern, daisy cousins.
Some dumb simp oh Lauren southern is so hot I'm going to give her money I hope she'll have sex with me.

Me no she won't have sex with you she just wants your money. She's money hungry a tradthot. You aren't even good enough for her.

Clueless simp you feminist you're just jealous

Me shows a picture of her without makeup

Clueless simp runs away in horror yells I thought she was an ideal traditional woman simp then cries into a pillow.
by Catlover88 September 19, 2019
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Person 1: omg what a tradthot
Person 2: oh. You mean josh?
by Liza73728 July 23, 2019
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