4 definitions by meme loop

It’s when you preform anal then right as you are about to cum you pull out and jizz right along the ass crack. It is optional to then lick it off
Kyle1: yo me and Kyle3 tried McCum sandwich yesterday

Kyle2: yo wtf man. I wanted to join

Kyle1: sorry mannn I’m free next Tuesday.
by meme loop November 22, 2019
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a convention that takes takes place in west ohio every blood moon that will sell any pans that Gordon Ramsey has used at an unreasonably high price in order to help the CIA in discovering the purpose of oreo thins
kyle1: yo duuuude the pansales are coming up
kyle2: yooooo I already got tickets
kyle1: saaaamee bruuuuhh.

both Kyles at the same time: fuuuuck yeaaaa
by meme loop October 28, 2018
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when you take a shit as fast as you can in the 5-10 minuet break between classes
kyle1: bro where tf are you? youre late to class
kyle2: bro ill be there, speed shitting rn,
kyle1: bro i see, need help?
by meme loop December 07, 2020
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A THICC overused overwatch character that is now the face of TikTok
by meme loop December 16, 2018
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