A defense character from overwatch. Formerly known as Amelie Lacroix, Widowmaker is one of the three snipers in overwatch (at the moment). Her skin is blue because of Talon, the terrorist organization that kidnapped and reprogrammed her to be.. well, Widowmaker. Her heart was slowed so that she didnt feel human emotion. Age 33, from Annecy, France.
That level 33 widowmaker shot me out of the sky! They're probably using an alt account,,
by honkle my bonkle February 22, 2017
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A character in overwatch that wields a sniper and shoots a poison burst that does little damage over time she is hated by the 9 yr olds who think they are good as her often not but kids will have dreams.......widow maker has a ultimate ability that lets you see through walls, widowmaker should not be player in competitive because she has little health and is easy
To kill and hard to get kills......
I'm going to play widowmaker in competitive

Shut up kid play a goddamn Reinhardt
by Loganmaxed _subscribe March 27, 2017
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A bong hit with which the bowl is loaded with at least five different types of marijuana. The pot can be in any form from bud to hash. The widowmaker is only referred to as such when the bowl is snapped in one hit.
Dude I snapped this bomb ass widowmaker last night. I just woke up from the coma.
by BobTheBuilder420 June 18, 2010
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An attack character from Overwatch. She is the hardest sniper to master out of all three.
Widowmaker is very fun to play as if you have mastered her.
by solihaly890 January 10, 2017
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A penis larger than 10 inches.
Once Travis gave Denise the widowmaker, her husband was a dead man, he just didn't know he was dead yet.
by Solid Mantis November 05, 2016
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A fabled drinking apparatus, built for aggressive consumption of alcohol. Similar to flip cup, the Widowmaker is used in a team challenge, that consists of racing to complete your beverages. The device itself consists of 10 beer bongs, 5 on each side. With each team on their knees, the match begins at either ended, with the parallel players beginning to empty their funnel. Once empty, the player will tap the teammate to their immediate, which allows them to commence their funnelling. The first team to complete all 5 funnels is declared the winner.

The Widowmaker can also be used to 'Run the Gauntlet', which involves the drinking of all 10 funnels by one individual. The Gauntlet can be used to celebrate a Birthday, recognize the completion of an essay, or act as punishment for douchebaggery.

Origins: the original Widowmaker is rumoured to have been built in the frozen tundra known as 'Canada', at the party haven known as Queen's University.
After using the Widowmaker, a liver transplant was required.
by amanoflegends June 29, 2012
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