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A sweet girl who always forgives people even if they do something mean to her. When she's around strangers she kind. When she's around boys she's shy. But her best friends, she's fucking crazy and totally a turn up person. Did I mention she's an animal lover. Talk about one direction around her and she will freak out about how sexy and perfect they are.
That girl in the club with her friends was such and Annamarie.
by liams_girl September 07, 2014
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A beautiful girl, with a beautiful smile, she is the meanig of life, if you met her you would all agree, her voice is like an angels, and she makes you laugh when your around her, whenever your having a bad day shes the one you should see, shes sunshine in the rain, she thinks of others before herself, she is the most easiest person to fall in love with. She is amazing and can't compare to anyone else. Very forgetful but remembers the important things. Gets scared easily, and does not like pink,her family is everything to her, and she stays above the infulence,There is too much that could define this wounderful girl but I think you should meet her so she can rock your world!!!!!!
The greatest person you'll ever meet. <3 :) <3 annamarie
by caregiver July 22, 2009
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Means "full of grace" and "bitter." A classy lady in the streets, but at complete and total freak in the sheets. The perfect woman.
1: "I had a great time with her last night. She was definitely not what I expected."
2: "I told you she was an anna-marie."
by danibabygirl July 02, 2009
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This person accentuates a loving personality who has an unseemingly large appetite for partying all through the night with her friends. People with this name are usually animal-loving and bicycle enthusiasts. They especially love collecting pictures of animals riding bicycles. Although very kind in nature, one must stay away if she is grumpy. Studies have shown that, if caught in the crosshairs of her grumpiness, the severe psychological damage incurred is equivalent to that of listening to hours of Justin Bieber music.
Gabe: Hey Allison! Did you enjoy last night's episode of jersey shore?

Allison: No time to talk! Anna-marie is grumpy! RUN AWAAAAAAAY!!!

Gabe: (Starts to run away and cry at the same time)
by Tsuo August 17, 2011
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Name for a half-mexican female who has a thing for shorter men.
Wow, she's so much taller than the guy she's with. She must be an anna-marie.
by Euphoranaut August 28, 2008
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(V)to eat many small children at once. Also meaning to devilishly plan to reproduce yaks and use them to rain on a 17 mile radius.
"He is on trial for Anna Marie"
"They have to be stopped from following through with their Anna Marie"
by Zebrahack December 08, 2008
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