Some one who has been painting graffiti for 10 plus years an has progressed none. Toy.
Yo that kid straight toy been painting 12 years an still can't do a decent throw or peice
by Ghiua145 January 03, 2019
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A: A piece of media that often children use for entertainment.
B: When one manipulates another.
Person A: My boy likes to play with toy's
Person B: I can give your boy even more toys
Person A: Stop trying to manipulate me, you suck at it.
by Halfless Goober Flesh September 18, 2019
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me and my brother likes to play with toys and i like cars and muscle cars so i like more then my brother and my brother what's some of my toys and i am going to say know and he has less cars then me and i like more then him and he likes less cars then me and i love my brother so i can give him some of my cars so he can be nice for me when i watch him when he gets back from school and my sister watches me and my brother and my mom is gone half of the day and she comes home at like 3:30 and i get home from school at 2:16 and me and my sister gets home at the same time .
because we like toys and we buy all of the toys.
via giphy
by October 06, 2020
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A human being who’s only purpose is to be used. Mainly a term used in bdsm.
I have a toy tied up in my basement.
by Big breasts and stuff March 03, 2020
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TOYS is an acronym.
It means 'Tired Of Your Shit'
Ugh i'm so toys
by Lexioni April 06, 2015
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