Literally the worst fan fiction ever about Larry Stylinson. It romanticises aspergers and borderline personality disorder which are serious conditions, like dude, just say you’re stupid and go.
Person A: Have you read I sleep naked, it’s one of my favourites!

Person B: NOOO!! If you need fanfic recommendations you could've just said so, but I sleep naked is NOT IT. It romanticises mental illnesses.

Person A: what should I read then?

Person B: well, young and beautiful by velvetoscar, escapade by dolce_piccante, unbelievers by isthatyoularry, tired tired sea by mediawhore, and tonnes more.
by May 19, 2021
the worst fucking larry fanfic to exist
whats your favorite larry fic?
probably i sleep naked
*runs away*
by April 5, 2021
They are lying. They were not sleep they were texting some other nigga
(8:58 a.m) Me: are you gonna text me back?

(8:58 p.m) them: oh my bad I was sleep
by Mess1ahx October 14, 2018
Person 1 : this concert is so boring
Person 1 : i wanna sleep
Person 2 : *Brings bed into concert*
Person 2 : here
by stop it why are you doing this September 11, 2020
Usually described as an activity that we participate in for 1/3rd of our lives, it's the best feeling ever. We hated doing it when we were kids, but can't get enough of it as adults... However on Facebook it can be defined as posting random shit that is irrelevant in the act or desire of either sleep or the love for it.
Correct way:
Proper example: I had such a long day, I can't wait to crawl into my new comforter and hibernate like a bear during Winter, man I love sleep!

Incorrect way:
Example: Let's punch each other in the face!
Facebook example: HEY GUIZE!!! Age Sex Location??? Random picture of an armless person - HIT LIKE!!!
by Mr. Big Glove January 12, 2012
if someone send this to you, THEY WANT TO TALK TO YOU you silly goose
“hey, i can’t sleep”
mk wanna play gp?”
by oofers🥳 November 4, 2019
1.Last resort phrase used in an argument to try and gain ground when otherwise utterly defeated.

Made popular by Kirk Van Houten when trying to find something that Homer would envy during his new divorce.
Kirk VanHouten: I sleep in a racecar, Do you sleep in a racecar?
Homer: I sleep in a big bed with my wife.

I just got a new job and a new car...what's up with you?
I sleep in a racecar, do you sleep in a racecar?
by Jackdrnkrno7 March 12, 2010