Toxic Positivity is the belief that, "if you just stay positive, you will overcome any obstacle," to such a degree that you invalidate natural emotional responses and the person having those feelings.
Her Toxic Positivity left her friend feeling like his feelings were not important and he was overreacting.
by Netrillian February 22, 2019
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An Internet-wide phenomenon of suppressing discourse such as constructive feedback, pointing out flaws and suggesting improvements. People making any of these are deemed rude, offensive, and are ousted to great lengths due to the mentality of the necessity of walking on eggshells and forcing positivity so as not to hurt anyone's feelings and create a facade of a perfect paradise.
People can't improve or face reality when toxic positivity prohibits anyone from calling out any problems they may have.
by notinusebysomeoneelse December 18, 2020
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Definition 1: The act of being angry or mad at someone for their own good.

Definition 2: Scolding someone in a positive way.
1 - Sarah showed positive toxicity towards Nathan when she yelled "Hey you fucking idiot, get out of damn the way before you get hit by a car!"

"Nathan you know I care for you so I had to tell some positive toxicity your way."

2 - Close that motherfucking door before you let a feral cat in! You know I care for you George
so I'm giving you positive toxicity, shut the fuck up and take it!

If you're going to be toxic, be positive about it... Show some Positive Toxicity!
by kdd702 January 6, 2020
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Being so toxic to the point where you seem nice to others.
Person 1: Hey great job!

Person 2: Aww, thanks!
Person 3: Dont believe him, he’s actually very upset.
Person 2: What? But he seems so nice!
Person 3: No, he's using Positive Toxicity.
by GordonsLover January 23, 2022
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