2 definitions by kdd702

Definition 1: The act of being angry or mad at someone for their own good.

Definition 2: Scolding someone in a positive way.
1 - Sarah showed positive toxicity towards Nathan when she yelled "Hey you fucking idiot, get out of damn the way before you get hit by a car!"

"Nathan you know I care for you so I had to tell some positive toxicity your way."

2 - Close that motherfucking door before you let a feral cat in! You know I care for you George
so I'm giving you positive toxicity, shut the fuck up and take it!

If you're going to be toxic, be positive about it... Show some Positive Toxicity!
by kdd702 January 6, 2020
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The act of a fart sounding like someone snoring.
Jimbob thought "dat ass" was great until a snorass made itself known. He never spoke to Rebecca again.
by kdd702 September 23, 2019
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