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An extremely bad joke that should never be spoken. If you laugh you are pathetic and should be ashamed.
Person A: “Colman… more like COLDMAN!!!”
Person B: “Wow, that was the worst Gael joke I’ve heard in a while”
Person C: “Johnathan, did you just laugh at that? You’re in timeout!”
by GordonsLover December 14, 2021
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A student in physics that tells 20 minute recaps of his weekend and how he cheats on his girlfriend during said time. Hector from Physics is not to be confused with Harold from Chemistry or the guy who sharted in Ms.J’s seat.
“Alright, its time for our weekend share”

“Oh no, Hector from Physics is going to tell us about his weekend again”
by GordonsLover January 19, 2023
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Being so toxic to the point where you seem nice to others.
Person 1: Hey great job!

Person 2: Aww, thanks!
Person 3: Dont believe him, he’s actually very upset.
Person 2: What? But he seems so nice!
Person 3: No, he's using Positive Toxicity.
by GordonsLover January 23, 2022
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