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One of the funniest people on the internet. He had Tourettes Syndrome and was constantly wasted but was funny as hell. His videos can be found on youtube by searching "tourettes guy". He sadly passed away in 2007 and will be missed by many, including me. If you think he didn't have Tourettes Syndrome then think again, because he was constantly drunk and if you would check www.tourettesguy.com then you would see that his actions were not like most people who have Tourettes Syndrome
Some of my favorite Tourettes Guy's lines


"I don't give a dead moose's last shit!"

"Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you in the ass!"

"Eat my short dick!"
by my name is bs December 26, 2007

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A really annoying way that people on myspace talk, usually with caps lock on everything but the "ii". It always seems like they're yelling when used. If you ask me, it's pointless.
OMG THiiS BOY iiS CUTE!!11!1
by my name is bs December 07, 2007

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How myspacers put emphasis on certain things. If you ask me its annoying, not cool or cute.
Supposed to be a "mistake" while making exclamation marks where the shift button is "accidentally" depressed while pushing 1.
OMG L00K AT THiiS!!11!1
by my name is bs December 10, 2007

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