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Beautiful,independent and very sexy. Great person and this person do not take mess. Strong, Independent, but can be spoiled. Loves everyone, but only has respect for few!!!
Rick:Who is that girl...she fine?!
Dex:That's Shirlena, she is a 5 star chick!!!
by Miss5StarChick February 03, 2010
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Shirlena is a really pretty person. She is the loyalist friend you could ever have.
She will stay with you until the very end.
Once she opens up she's really kind and sweet. It's fun being around Shirlena. She can be really calm too.She's very humble and generous. So don't turn your back on her!
Student #1: Hey that girl's really nice.
Student #2: oh really?
Student #1: yeah she's totally a Shirlena!
by Adrianna34 December 11, 2016
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