A man who did not REALLY have tourettes, instead he acted like it for a while, then faked his death to stop having to bring shame on him and his family.

He's known to be funny, and spout random things, though it's all a big act.

It's another fad that people liked, then it got overboard.
The Tourettes Guy is alive and well.
by Da Milkman July 05, 2009
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A middle-aged man with a sick, sexual fetish for pretending to have tourettes. He has staged his own death as to not put anymore shame on himself or his parents.

He is known for saying Bob Saget as a cussword, and calling a political figure Colonel Clusterfuck.
"Did you see the tourettes guy on Youtube, the world's greatest social flaw?"
"Yeah, yeah I did. He was all like 'BOB SAGET' and I laughed.
"Good story, mate."
by 1mm0rt1fy August 13, 2007
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