just another phrase for blowjob like top, fellatio, getting head or what that mouth do.
"I only fuck with bitches for their toupee (their top, nigga)" - Rich Homie Quan from the song "Flex"
by DuanCulo aka Duante Amorculo August 19, 2015
A mysterious, furry mammal that resides on the heads of aging, bald men.
Should there be an accent somewhere in toupee? I think so.
by Diggity Monkeez January 23, 2005
When a sexy lass takes a semi soft dump, on the frontal crown of her man
Gary’s hair cut was too short. So I had to toupee him.
by Bad bitches 18 January 27, 2018
When you are fucking a girl from behind, grab an electric hair trimmer to remove a square inch patch on the back of her head. Once you've reached climax, bust your load onto the hairless patch and glue the hair back on.
Mike - "I got fucking shitfaced and accidentally gave my girlfriend the toupee"

Joe - "Dude I toupeed the piss out of this chick at a party the other night"
by desmadroso July 30, 2008
Use this word when your opponent in an argument has made a fair point!
"I hear what you're saying, but I really don't know you... do I."
by Sarah and Maddy September 17, 2007
A mustache that your friend is proud of but you want to humiliate them in front of a group so you congratulate them on having something that would normally reside on the top of a penis.
Whoa! That's a nice dick toupee!!
by PieKnee October 6, 2016
A hot toupee requires two men, and one must be bald. One man must ejaculate onto the otherman's bald head. Giveing him a head full of cum to act as hair.
Man, we're you at Joe's party Friday night? Him and Andrew were giving each other "hot toupee's".
by Sharky mcfly December 8, 2015