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To be extremely relaxed in a favorite atmosphere of yours
"i wuz just coolin in the spot downtown.. get off my nuts, before I pay a homeless man to give you the toupee"
by desmadroso August 03, 2008

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When you are fucking a girl from behind, grab an electric hair trimmer to remove a square inch patch on the back of her head. Once you've reached climax, bust your load onto the hairless patch and glue the hair back on.
Mike - "I got fucking shitfaced and accidentally gave my girlfriend the toupee"

Joe - "Dude I toupeed the piss out of this chick at a party the other night"
by desmadroso July 30, 2008

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Another way of saying about to, without adding uneccesary extra sylables. Use when talking sombody into doing something or telling someone you don't want to do something.
Dan-"yo, i'm botzda chill... get up off muh shit"

Leo-"i'm botzda roll over to the post, j'yall bitches want to ride?"

Three or four sexy bitches-"fuck yes you sexy bastard"
by desmadroso July 29, 2008

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to ask one if he/she understands a statement previously made by you
mike-"i'm botzda roll over to shayna's crib and tag that, jaheard?"

chris-"fa sho, I understand exactly where you are comming from"
by desmadroso July 29, 2008

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