A term referring to the practice in media (notably in shounen manga/anime) of powering up side characters off screen to bring them up to par, or surpassing, the protagonist. These powerups happen regardless of sense, often with little explanation. Named for Dragonball creator Akira Toriyama due to how often it happens in the Dragonball media.

Coined by youtube user PlagueofGripes in his video on the treatment of the character Tien from Dragonball, highlighting how everyone in-series gets a Toriyama Handjob except Tien.
"This is after a long series of episodes about how Krillin had given up fighting and was so weak that bullets were now a serious danger to him, so he got a shit-licious power up. That is a Toriyama Handjob." - PlagueofGripes
by Everyone hates Tien September 14, 2017
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1. Most talented ass genious in the known world famous for his humorous storytelling in the form of comics. Most famous for the wildly popular Dragonball and Doctor Slump as well as various art for video games.
This comic will save your life! Trust me, it was written by Akira Toriyama.
by your mom last night July 2, 2005
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A extremly slow manga scanlation group.
<cooldude> Why is HnG being released so slow?
<anothercooldude> It's a TW-project.
by Chrippa May 15, 2003
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Previously seen characters from the Dragon Ball series that get immense power-ups off screen, first seen in Dragon Ball Super.
"Oh, did you remember how Krillin got that Toriyama handjob and outwitted Gohan?"
by Big-Boy Pants September 20, 2017
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Things that no one in the US knows about, since so many pathetic fanboys are obsessed with DBZ.
DBZ fanboy: OMG, DBZ is teh coolest!!

Me: Can you name any of Akira Toriyama's other works?

DBZ fanboy: Umm... uh... Vegeta rocks!!

Me: (sigh)
by Bob882 October 9, 2004
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The act of completely forgetting elements to your own work and believing whatever mental gymnastics you'll bullshit yourself with to validate your own incompetence and shortcomings. This was often a habit displayed by Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragonball, as he completely forgot about a character named Launch who not only disappeared without a trace but wasn't even referenced until her cameo at the end of the Dragonball Z series. He also stated that his brain functions in a manner similar to Kelly Bundy from Married With Children in that he has to push old knowledge out to make room for new knowledge and creative ideas.
Jimmy forgot the rules to his LARP. He gave us rules to read over and went off-reservation as soon as we started. We at first thought he was trying to cheat but he said some of the rules didn't pan well in real life as it did in theory. It totally would have worked out.

I knew Jimmy was kind of a proud guy but wow...he pulled a Toriyama. He never could admit he was wrong. He always tried to walk-back something before he got egg on his face.
by Com Mon Sense December 27, 2022
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