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Going off road caused by not paying attention.
I was not paying attention and Dukes of Hazard my car over the curb
by Shawn Devereese August 24, 2008
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To treat a vechical like the Duke Boys did on the 70s tv show
Hey baby! Look at that hill over there! I bet you I can Dukes of Hazard your car!
by Joe Fishburn April 26, 2005
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When she sucks on your fingers in front of your boys , letting them know, they wont be following

Similar to a dukes of hazard moment when jumping a ramp and the cop car crashes... ending their fun... Wishing they would have made it and not crashed, looked like fun until they crash

similar to a cockblock, but broblock , can be kinda a bad thing causing issues between homies, especially when plans were made and its happened before...
i cant believe she pulled a dukes of hazards last night, crashed the night, atleast i had fun
by SoapySardines aka Dorian June 13, 2018
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