The mandory hat of stereotype rain trodden American 1920's journalists
That Reporter from Batman
by Adam McDermott June 24, 2005
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a hat very commonly worn in america during the 1920s. The hat then went out of fashion although some people still wear them today. Anyone seen wearing a trilby in modern times can official be labelled a twat.
1920's Joe: "How do you like my new trilby?"
1920's Harry: "That's a mighty fine looking hat"

2010 Joe: "Hey man check out my new trilby"
2010 Harry: "Dude you're such a twat"
by James Jacksonville May 04, 2010
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the best hat invented ever!!!!!!!!
"dude, your hat is rockin.."
"i no, its a trilby...hahaha"
by aliceyyyyy May 26, 2007
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A trilby is a hat the people say is nota fedora, when a tribly is pretty much a fedora, just with the back out up and a smaller rim around it, so basically a tribly is a better, and more sauve version of a fedora
Guy: "Yo nicit fedora!"
Other guy: "its not a fedora, its a trilby, but you are right, it technicality is a fedora, just more upgraded to look better, so call it a trilby, or {fedora"
Guy: "k dude, thanks for telling me, its still a nice fedora, even if its real name is a trilby"
by Kiss_my_axe May 18, 2016
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Trilby Florida is a rural town with a Community Center, Post office and a Methodist Church in the heart of town. It was a busy railroad town back in it's hayday. The Greater Trilby Community Association is a non-profit organization that started in late 2001 by a local community leader/activist. Denny Sharkey Mihalinec. This group covers the Trilby,Lacoochee and Trilacoochee areas residents needs. Such as food,clothing,housing,youth programs,computer room,library and job assistance & so much more. It is also known for it's 47 mile trail called the Withlacoochee State Trail.
Are you going to see Trilby Florida? The old railroad town? Maybe the Withlacoochee state trail near Owensboro park....
by Trilby Citizen December 04, 2010
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Directly influenced by the Bukakke craze that swept Japanese secondary schools in the late 90s, a Hackney Trilby is the act of several men blasting off in to a trilby (or any brimmed hat) and placing it on to the head of a subject (often male).

So called because the practise originated in Hackney amongst the homosexual gangster hairdressing scene (hence why the only people who wear trilbys in Hackney are gay hairdressers).
Dave - Did you borrow my hat last night?

Mike - Sorry mate, we were down the Angel gagging for a Hackney Trilby and it was the only one around... do you want it back?
by Dr_Horse May 01, 2008
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Located in the heart of Trilby Florida. This use to be an old house used as an office back in the late 70's. Community Activist/Leader Denny Sharkey Mihalinec seen this county owned building as a way to start Trilby's first ever community center for area families to meet, to hold Town Hall Meetings, kids activities, festivals and a small part turned into a Library and computer room. Many Federal,State, County, City, Senators, Congressman and more participated in Town Hall meetings to improve the areas interest. At it's peak some 150 residents packed this small center for meetings on concerns residents had about the lack of jobs and infrastructure, the need for better housing in the Trilby, Lacoochee & Trilacoochee neighborhoods.
Come to your Town Hall Meeting @ The Trilby Community Center. Invite your friends and neighbors!
by Trilby Citizen December 07, 2010
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