One of the best people you can meet. Completely awesome, but can be very shy at times. Beautiful on a level on her own, but doesn't realize it. She cares about her friends and will do a lot of things to make them happy. Is very passionate and can talk to you for hours on end if something Intrests her. Over all just one of the most amazing people in the world.
Dude breanna is so amazing, she's beautiful, smart, funny, and best of all, she's my best friend in the whole world. I hope I never lose her.
by Sammy aka batman December 10, 2016
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A smart,beautiful girl who doesn't realize it. She will often put others before her,and it sometimes to the extreme where she stops thinking about herself completely. She can be extremely shy/quiet at first but once you get to know her she won't shut up. A very talented and creative girl,however often to shy to show others what she can do. She is very stubborn and will always fight for what she believes. A very clumsy and unorganized girl,but will normally just laugh it off and move on. She isn't very popular and only has a few friends,but she is loyal beyond belief. She often however,has a short fuse and if someone lights it,they'd better be ready for a storm. Often loves to change her look by trying different clothing styles,dyeing her hair,etc but never goes to far and always stays true to her personal likes. An animal lover in general but loves small or fuzzy animals most of all. A dog person through and through,although she still loves cats. Will often cover her emotions to protect others,but will have cracking points where she needs to cool off. She hates the oitdoors,and is not really into sports,however she loves games and is a huge bookworm. In general,she is often an amazing person and people are lucky to know her. And if you are a Breanna that's reading this,keep being the kick ass person you truly are!
1:Is that Breanna over there?
2:Sorry,I don't really know her.
1:Dude,you have no clue what your missing out on!
by DonutDoge July 15, 2019
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She would do anything to make her friends happy. She is cute, funny, kind, smart, talented, creative, caring, and has a strong heart. She isn't much of an outdoor person, but she loves socializing with her friends. She is a good artist, loves to sing, and loves collecting things. She likes to have things organized and perfect. She can be clumsy from time to time but will usually pretend it never happened and move on. Sometimes if she hears someone mad or upset, she takes the blame and feels guilty even if it wasn't her fault. She is very talkative and can get distracted easily. She loves fuzzy fuzzy soft things, and if its a bunny, she'll be even more awestruck. She has a hard time explaining her emotions and can get very shy on stage. She tries to make as many friends as she can. Breanna is unique in her own way.
"That new girl Breanna is so cute! Amd she has a great personality"

Breanna: "Hey are you ok?"
Guy: "no..."
Breanna: "I won't leave you until your happy... I care about you and your feelings..."
Guy: "thanks..."
by NitroKitty November 17, 2015
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A girl who can't be defined.

She gets hurt a lot and hides the pain. She may seem like the bad guy but she's usually the victim... She is a beautiful girl who doesn't always feel pretty and gets judged a lot! Breannas' are smart, athletic girls who stand up for what they believe in, even if their standing alone. Typically a daddy's girl who everyone secretly likes but isn't really her friends.

So even if Breannas' can't be defined, they all have stories.
by •anonymous• October 11, 2013
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A smart, beautiful girl, who doesn't realize the beauty she possesses. Has a lot of friends she will confide in, & lots of friends who will confide in her. Loves learning new things... But doesn't love school. Usually pretty terrible at math beyond an 8th grade level. Loves to change her appearance, by dying her hair, getting new piercings, etc, but doesn't go too far. A great listener, & gives great advice.. but can't follow it. Falls in love easily, but only truly loves ONE person. Can be a bit of a flirt, but she isn't a whore. She will hide her emotions to protect other's happiness. Not athletic... Actually, she's pretty clumsy. Loves to cuddle & kiss. Very romantic. Has an amazing singing voice, but isn't confident enough to show others.
Guy #1 : Dude, I wish I could date Breanna.
Guy #2 : Yeah, me too... But she has a boyfriend, & she said she really loves him.
Guy #1 : -laughs- So?
Guy #3 : She won't cheat, bro. Besides, she's out of your league.
beauty smart talented
by TurtleLover_Erbala February 4, 2013
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Breanna is one of the best people to talk to. She is beautiful, loves to talk, sporty and is a great friend. When ever you talk to her, you never run out of words, you can talk for hours without getting bored. She is so cute and all the guys want her, and the girls want to be her. She makes friends easily. The second you have a conversation with her you feel very close to her. She can be very shy at times but she loves to have fun. She has a free spirit and a great personality.
Damn, that girl Breanna is so cute I wish she would date me.
by jalaaleenalee December 19, 2016
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A girl who is a good lover, and who easily falls in love with the wrong person. Who knows what she is worth it and who can go 0 to 100 real quick. Who can see a fake bitch a mile away and fucks with real niggas. Who makes him/her money and nerver begs. She can beat a bitch ass in 2.5 sec while still looking flawless at the end. Shes very talented,beautiful,sexy,a a great dancer. She is worth keeping so fellas if you got her keep her.
yo Breanna is hella bomb bro.
I really Love Breanna dude, shes a keeper.
by lilcat567 April 11, 2015
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