A psycho who goes into girls bedrooms to watch them sleep. May or may not sparkle.
"This guy is a total Edward Cullen! Crept into my room again last night!"
by Bella :T December 29, 2009
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Girl: We're breaking up.
Boy: Why?
Girl: You're just not Edward Cullen, sorry.
by SoIherdyouliekmudkipz June 7, 2009
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An ideal unrealistic image of a guy. Not seeing him for what he is, or only as you want him to be.

Obviously coined from the character Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.
- The character is never given an in-depth description, but we're told he's handsome, so readers just image him as what they find attractive. Fans have also interpreted his actions in ways that seem more romantic or charming.
- Edward is idolized by Bella, she sees him as "perfect" and "godlike". Yet antis have stated some of his actions are actually creepy and abusive.
Girl #1: "So what's this new boyfriend like?"
Girl #2: "He's...he's like my own Edward Cullen!"
Girl #1: "Oh lord."
by NonnieMouse June 3, 2010
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Edward Cullen is a 108 year-old virgin who sparkles. You do the math.
Guy 1: Dude is that Edward Cullen?
Guy 2: Yeah it is.
Guy 1: Isn't he a virgin?
Guy 2: Yeah, and he's 108
Guy 1: Wow, he has some serious issues to work out
by ohwaoerujlk October 25, 2009
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A fictional character, and primary love interest of the first person narrator Isabella Swan in Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' series.

He lives in Forks, Washington.

He is a Meyerpire, a being that suffers from a psychosis leading him to believe he is a 'vampire'.

A one hundred and eight year old virgin (until the latest installment 'Breaking Dawn'), he is trapped in the body of a seventeen year old boy, sparkles in the sunlight, has the ability to move super fast (despite the fact that he is described as 'marble-like') and has a wide variety of 'speshul' powers.

He is adored by teenage girls and Catholic priests alike, and is so 'perfect' in every way that he actually shits flowers.

He later becomes the father of Renesmee (Affectionately referred to as 'Nessie' and 'Renestard'), a half-Meyerpire, half-human hybrid who is also 'perfect' and is imprinted on by the self-styled Pedo-Wolf Jacob Black.

He is often used as a reference for unimpressive or ‘pussy’ vampires, despite the fact that he is not in fact a vampire.

See also: Stalker.
"I like glitter... does that make me gay?"

"If you're Edward Cullen."
by Sayer of Many Truths December 21, 2008
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a stalker who breaks into young girls houses and watches them sleep. He also sparkles and doesnt see anything wrong in killing bambi's relatives.
Kid 1: ...So I broke into her house and watched her slepping
Kid 2: thats creepy! youre soo an Edward Cullen!
by vampires_dont_sparkle March 9, 2009
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