Quitting a game in Pokemon Go's Go Battle League. Term popularized from the Twitch community.
"They swapped in G-fisk against my Bastiodon and I instantly had to top left"
by PokemonGoPlayer April 4, 2021
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When your talking in a conversation and the next yute is speaking facts, you would say "top left?" it means "actually?" or "for real?"
Cody: Yo fam went to wendy's and the cashier gave me an extra 2 bills!"
Jonathan: Yoooo top left?
by JJ Yute October 17, 2019
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Used by alt-right or Nazis. A persons hand touches the top left of your chest before throwing out your arm in a sulut. Used in parting ways.
I gotta get going, I work in the morning and need to sleep, “top left, Brother
by BandaBain January 23, 2019
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Mostly used in a twitch.tv streamers chat while they are playing some game.
Top left busta is like oh no no no but it also points out for who its directed to.
by BerryFPS March 31, 2020
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A derivative of "top left", top left nut is used in a hostile manner to tell someone to "get lost"; to fuck off.
by aquariless May 5, 2021
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