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Two-guy place of residence. A "Two-Guyer" apartment or house
"Hey bro, lets move to NYC and get a Toog together"
by JohnStamos November 25, 2012
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Verb - When one is involved in the process of partying and dancing.
Noun - a party
Adjective - similar to lit when describing a party
Can be used in past, present, or in anticipation of a party.
Yo let's go toogs-toogs at the club tonight ni%^a!

That party was so toogs last night!!
by The toogs April 08, 2017
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Toog is an east-london slang term for the world 'ugly'. Pronounced as 'tuugg'
That girl is toog.
She looks toog.
by L.E.D December 26, 2015
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