something a lot of females want to do when they workout...hello, it's called building muscle
"I don't want muscle, I just want to tone"
by snack goddess June 29, 2004
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It means to hang out and chill and do some sort of activity that does not require too much effort. Usually used in reference to doing drugs or taking mind/body altering substances, but does not have to be used in that content necessarily.
Mike: Hey John, come tone with us for a bit. We are just watching some South Park.

Bryan: Hey man wanna come tone down a bit with me and Paul? (In reference to marijuana)
Joe: Nah man I can't be tonin when I got an 8 am test tomorrow.
by DrSeed October 06, 2010
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short for Tony Mowbray the single most brilliant reincarnation of all things great of a middlesbrough manager. The envy of the inbred sparn of sunderland, newcastle and leeds fans.
a boro lad: we will win the league with TONE in charge.

a boro geeza: TONE is the reincarnation of al things great for the job without a doubt.

example 2:

a jealous geordie: Tony Mowbray is shit.

a intelligent person: just because TONE got all the souls from the geordies and mackems. UTFB
by Borolad345 June 06, 2012
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Tone really that sensation that r e s o n a t e s through our ears and strikes our soul in such a way that it creates a numbing sensation to the central nervous system
by Bunny babby April 08, 2011
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the most awesome group of people you could ever meet, a weird group of people who you'll always have fun with, funniest and greatest ensemble of kids you'll ever know
I hung out with t-one yesterday. It was so awesome.
Someone from t-one talked to me. It was so cool.
Don't you just love t-one?
by tracyturnblad1 August 25, 2010
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