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When you touch your bare ass to the face of a passed out friend.
We gave Shaun the worste Tombo I've ever seen last night after we found him passed out in his bed.
by Christos Trakadis August 31, 2007
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Inventor of the Tombo Combo. Tombo is a very nice fellow as long as you take your shoes off before entering his house.
It is not recommended to burn his linolium unless you enjoy being banned from elegant palaces.
Tombo is a true success story rising from rags to riches by starting his own business.
This man is capable of doing a full 360 degree flip from his diving board into his own extravagant pool.
A man with such skill and brutal good looks, its not hard to understand why this man is so likeable.
"Dude, I can't believe Tombo banned you from his house."
by ThE LaTe JC March 24, 2005
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A Tombo is a very good creature. They commonly happento be Bolas aswell. Tombo's are tall, have a good sense of humour and are closely linked to Chophies.
Person One: Wow, that person is tall and laughs at all the good jokes
Person Two: He must be a Tombo !
by Tom Windsor August 20, 2006
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