When someone hooks up with someone else on a vacation or trip, typically a school trip, and then turns it into a long term relationship.
He was totally tolling her on that band trip to Boston.
by kawaiimoon March 31, 2011
The severe weather has taken its toll
by akee545 March 21, 2016
An uncommon misspelling of the word 'told'. Usually used by the stupider folk among our community.
Person 1 - My dad always tolled me, "son be careful."
Person 2 - I know, you tolled me LOL
by SecretPhotographer November 21, 2012
A cost in lives.

Damage resulting from an event or practice.

Charge for a service or permission.

The sound of a bell rung at a steady interval.
The tolls from coronavirus will be great, many and enduring, and the bells will toll for the dead.
by Monkey's Dad April 5, 2020
A person of well talent for drawing or known for great randomness. Shy or outgoing.
Stieve is always tolle whenever we come around; That kid is very tolle.
by Renagade Grandrally January 8, 2012
A 'Toll' is a tall, spindly creature that is incredibly Camera-shy.
However, it is also incredibly gullible and can easily be fooled into appearing on film.

It has been observed having difficulty drinking water without half-drowing itself.
Aww, look! That Toll choked on some water it was drinking and now it has the hiccups!
Quick! Get the Camera!
by Skirra_Corvus November 24, 2011