Uber hip streets, funky dreads, Lively streets and faster than the speed of sound subways.
Yep biggest city in the world, also most expensive, but culturally enriching.
by Tokyo to Paris November 6, 2003
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1 the largest city in Japan with the population of 12,000,000
by obie September 13, 2003
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1920s slang for Cocaine. Slang used by gangsters.
When the boys are feeling blue we go to Tokyo.
by Sharknva March 11, 2017
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1) Awesomity

2) A word to express extreme grattitude and or respect

3) A form of hydro pot only available in Japan, which of course is unbelievably expensive but genetically modified to the max and thus, will give you the longest and craziest high of your life.

4) Once was called Kyoto

5) Capital of the Country of the Rising Sun
1) that is fucking Tokyo

2) Oh My Tokyo!

3) 200 bucks for an eight of Tokyo

4) Fuck Tokyo

5) I abide my soul in Tokyo
by Master Unity Mind April 24, 2008
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The largest city in Japan. Regarded as the most diverse and Liberal of Japan. INC as capital of Japan in the Mid nineteenth century.
OK city, to big and sprawling for my liking. Coming from a city of 600,000. I think Osaka is a better city even though it is industrial. Osaka is less prentious, has better food, less complicated transport system. Lets go to Osaka EH!
by RWMW July 17, 2005
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Tokyo is the fuckin baddest mofuker youll ever meet he fights like a switchblade he gets all the hoes an sticks with them he is always solid to everyone no one fucks wit him cause of the way he is
Mark got into a fight with Tokyo Tokyo fuckin killed him
by Tokyo Phoenix March 30, 2020
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Tokyo is the best, craziest, fastest, safest (relatively), city in the world. It is indeed a massive disorganized sprawl, and extends out forever into Saitama, Chiba, Yokohama, and even further to the west. The inner city has about 8 million people, then 12 million in the greater Tokyo area. The total conurbation population is as large as 33 million. However, to sort up all this mess is the world's best public transportation system.
Yo I was rollin down Dogenzaka slope in Shibuya picken up MAD Japanese girls.

I was smokin weed and listenin to underground bands the other day in Shimo-Kitazawa.

Roppongi has too many damn foreigners for my taste.

Harajuku is where all the crazy fashion is; ie, 14 year old girls dressed up like gothic maids.
by Tokyo Kid January 4, 2005
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