Someone who is with it; Buff with a hit of charm
by Kodora September 29, 2003
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To walk in a leisurely manner, as in a saunter.
Cristina went for a toit around the neighborhood prior to dinner with other members of her toiters' club.
by ToitingQueen December 2, 2010
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to be a martian
Eric: dude look at tate
Joe: yea he looks weird today
Eric:yea he looks like a complete toit today
by Moderk October 19, 2011
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Every time you hear "tight", there are many definitions. Some are that tight is like "these pants are to tight", or like "that wave was TIGHT". Both of those are very different. Now there is a different Tight! But when you say it, it must sound like toit (t-oy-t). This toit means like a sexy, blossoming person. Mostly you call someone toit becuase they are shining in the croud.
by Copperfan April 28, 2007
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Hot, sexy young female
paris hilton, she is toite
by paolo February 14, 2004
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