Synonymous with 'sweets' or 'candy' in Northern England.
Would you like a toffee? I've got some jelly babies/chocolate/actual toffees.
by SirPoopmunch July 23, 2012
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Endearing nickname for Everton football club. Coined in 19th century when ladies would sell toffees at the home matches. Modern equivalent to this toffee is the black and white striped Everton Mint
Who are the Toffees playing this weekend?
by ud40 February 23, 2005
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The beauty of the word toffee is that its meaning is constantly evolving. It means what you want it to mean and more importantly what you need it to mean at any given moment. The buck wild flavor sauce to any English sentence.
It's all toffee

fuck them and whatever toffee they came out of
by Israelitenstien October 26, 2012
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Supporter of by far the most emphatic team in the beautiful game. Hater of Kopites. Trustworthy by definition, these honourable lads and ladies forge a belief in what is possible through sheer determination and style: a class that can never be matched by the cheap nouveau riche red shite. Toffees are people of directness, unparalleled by any, not afraid to speak out in the name of truth and integrity. The wrongs of Europe will be righted. It is only a matter of time and belief.
by Goodison Dweller July 26, 2005
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1. A very sticky sweet thing.
2. Anything and everything. A word used to describe any word you can think of, in any context.
1. We stick together like toffee
2. Omg! Your hair looks so toffee!
by Dônkéy May 19, 2013
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A toffee is a purpose made drink that is half coffee and half tea. It is very big on the continent at the moment and is very refreshing to drink.
"what would you like to drink sir?"
"do you have anything refreshing?"
"have you tried a toffee sir?"
"a toffee?"
"its half tea and half coffee sir"
"oh yes please, two sugars and leave the bag in!"
by Pablotours September 15, 2009
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the master and founder of ipwned, toffee has a savage silver tongues that has left many women begging for more and many men scared shitless from his acute use of sarcasm.

be afraid, be very afraid.
dxd:omg joo faggot!1!!

toffee: stfu noob, i know you wanna suck my lightsaber like a cherry lollipop.

dxd: ...

toffee: damn straight punkarse bish, respect teh authority.
by Thomas Xavier June 25, 2004
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