A consequence of being triple analed, the arse hole of the recipient gapes in a triangular shape looking like someone has beaten a toblerone up there with a hammer.
Me and my mates tobleroned your mum
by grandmother fucker August 15, 2013
Tits that look like two chunky triangles

🍈 🍈 vs 🔺️ 🔺️
Toblerones... why the triangle bra was invented
by Working Class Hero December 16, 2020
A nice tasting chocolate bar with bits of nougat in it.
by izzy September 1, 2004
One of the most delicious chocolates in the world that come from Switzerland.
This Toblerone is so good that I almost orgasmed in my pants.

chocolate Switzerland
by rae89 July 18, 2009
The triangular space formed between the top of the thighs and genitalia on some women (shaped much like the famous chocolate treat of the same name).
"Did you see the toblerone on that woman? She has a totally hot bod!"
by rivit March 4, 2007
A delicious chocolate bar that comes in a long, triangular shape. Often the subject of metaphors.
"It's kind of like when you have three bars of White Chocolate Toblerone..."
by misslaurenhelene April 5, 2010
To finger someone using three fingers in the shape of a triangle or toblerone.
by Seadim December 20, 2009