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a method of payment for drugs in prison that involves no money changing hands in the prison system, the buyer has someone outside of prison (on the street) pay the seller's business partners outside of prison (on the street), thus payment goes street-to-street
“How do prisoners pay for drugs?” Gemma asked.
“The dealer may be paid in store items, you may have someone put money on his books, or street-to-street.”
“What’s street-to-street?”
Street-to-street means your friends on the street pay his friends on the street, so the money doesn’t even have to enter the prison system. You should hear some of the stories prisoners make up to their family members and friends as to why they need to pay some stranger hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Which reminds me, another way prisoners get drugs in is they put up ads at, get women writing to them, develop relationships, sometimes even marrying them, and then sweet-talk them into keystering drugs in to visitation. Books, legal mail, and food visits are also other ways.”
-from Jonsjailjournal
by Shaun Attwood May 14, 2008
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it's a adjective to describe hood things
for example:The new cd of 50 cents is too street to street
by simon lavigne March 13, 2005
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