Alice means the most beautiful girl I know, she can think she's pretty cuz she is stunning. She's kind, funny and the nicest girl you will ever meet.
Any boy would be lucky to have an Alice
Alice, she is so amazing. She is super smart and puts her friends before herself, and would always put friends and family before herself. She has tons and tons of friends, and if she doesn't, then everyone is dying to be her friend but has no idea how to ask. She will make you laugh and smile all the time, she will brighten your day if you're sad.

If you know an Alice and you're her friend, then you're really lucky. If you're not her friend, then be her friend right this instant, because if you don't, then you'll regret it!
Person 1) Oh hey.. Who's that girl over there?
Person 2) It's Alice of course!
Person 1) Oh yeah, her! Isn't she amazing?
Person 2) Oh yeah, the most amazing..
by BestieStar July 1, 2022
Alice is just a straight up amazing person. She's beautiful, smart and funny. Anyone who knows an Alice is super lucky. Especially if that person gets a chance to date Alice.
by Ilikepandas44 March 20, 2019
Alice is an old German name meaning nobility. She is an active and sensitive person with a strong will to succeed. One of the most famous 'Alices' is from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll.
Alice saw a white rabbit running through the trees. Wait, wait she called but the rabbit payed no notice to poor Alice.
by liss☺😃 December 30, 2016
An attractive blonde girl with a sweet personality. unknown to some she has a totally different personality with other people she trusts. Can be dangerous, daring, very sexy and mysterious. She is someone who you want to know.
I bet that girls an Alice inside
by Päsçarâ November 15, 2014
The funk, spice, and sugar of my dreams. She's both my vanilla and chocolate. She can be crazy and wild, she can be sweet and calm. She's all slim, but with the BOOTY. She's the one you only see when you glance the second time, but she's also the one you won't ever want to let go.

She is the ingredient that makes me whole.
Oh shoot, alice has got me becoming a new enlightened person.
Alice has made me life a thousand times more vivid and brilliant.
by Ty the creator December 12, 2017
Alice is one of the happiest girls you will meet, she always has a smile on her face. She's super pretty and has a glowing heart. Don't worry if you need her she will always be there!
Alice looked gorgeous last night night at that meal!!She made my night happy
by sunshineonarainyday July 6, 2017