To unknowingly, unbeknownst to you, shat yourself in someone else's shower because you are that wasted.
To shat, or not to shat. That is the question.

My baby daddy cannot know I shat in a random person's shower.

That bitch shat in my shower.
by Baby Daddy Garcia January 14, 2010
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An exclamation of excitement for yourself or someone else. Origin: The excitement expressed when you realized you referred to William Shatner twice in one day
“That new job is going to be perfect for you...SHAT-SHAT!”
by tvchild December 11, 2020
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And lo, he was shat upon, and he did weep for his misfortune.
by vexator February 19, 2003
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The past tense of shit. Also used as a more "classy" form of shit.
I fear I have shat my pants, due to an excess of pheasant!
by Elizabeth Grey July 8, 2016
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Affectionate yet somewhat insulting nickname for William Shatner, star of anything he gets paid for.
Hey man, did you hear? The Shat just released a new album. He makes fun of himself and still gets rave reviews!
by max July 11, 2005
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shitting + chatting = shatting

by baconizer March 17, 2009
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