A perfect and handsome and amazing and cutest most wonderful being ever to exist.
Sam is an Angel
by Benvoleeo July 3, 2017
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One of the most amazing guys you will ever meet in your entire life. He makes you feel certain ways that are hard to explain. Everything thing he says and does seems to fill you will joy somehow. it's impossible to let someone this special just pass you by, which is why once you met a Sam, never ever let him go.
'I met this guy called Sam.'
'THATS AWESOME! I wish I could meet a Sam'
by nikkinicolie April 11, 2010
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sam is a boy who is very cute and very sweet , but can be mean at times when he feels the need. he will lead you on and make you fall in love , and then he will most likely break your heart and u will still love him.
man , im still not over sam .
by urbanngirl April 14, 2011
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Short for Samantha; A Beautiful girl that is fun, nice, hot, fun to be around, a great person, if you ever meet her befriend her asap! Although its clear that she is great, she doesn't believe it, but thats just her nature. :)
My day has been going bad... T_T
Oh Sam is here!!! :DDD
by seensunforthefirsttime February 5, 2010
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Translates from Romanian to cum dumpster
That Sam lives up to her name
by GeneralWolfy172 May 13, 2018
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hit puberty when he was in the womb, works out every day, stupider than a five year old on crack, has soooo many std's he cannot even count them.
by Fred is shitty= November 1, 2019
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Sam means the name of one person who is:
"I bet your not Sam...like me"
by UrbanDefinitions September 22, 2006
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