To receive a kick, punch or similar blow to the crotch, in public.

Often causing not just severe pain, but anger and great embarrassment.

A funny spectacle for others to watch.
Simmilar to owned/pwnd
Member of public: "Dude you got sammed"
by Nic Palmer May 20, 2008
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sam is a boy who is very cute and very sweet , but can be mean at times when he feels the need. he will lead you on and make you fall in love , and then he will most likely break your heart and u will still love him.
man , im still not over sam .
by urbanngirl April 14, 2011
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The process of head banging and going hard at a party. Person may often lift up skirt and attempt to take off clothing. Side effects include throwing up and hiccups. Do not attempt unless you're a professional. Treatment: Shower. And more shots.
Sam was samming the fuck out at the party.
by tdawgggitydawg January 4, 2012
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Sam means the name of one person who is:
"I bet your not me"
by UrbanDefinitions September 22, 2006
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Sams are usually homosexual children that like to deep throat bananas at lunch and make their friends feel uncomfortable
Sam do you mind not doing that

Sam- *gurgles* and shoves banana down further
by WE%T0N October 5, 2017
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